Does LB log or otherwise copy any part of a user's files? Can you “see” what my files are?

Nothing in LightBurn collects telemetry or usage info, and no data is sent anywhere with the exception of information used to uniquely identify your machine for the purpose of license management. (MAC address, OS version, RAM, CPU, drive sizes, things like that).

There is debug logging in LightBurn to help us chase issues, but you have to explicitly enable it (Help > Enable debug logging), and then explicitly send us the result. (it’s just text, dumped to Documents/LightBurnLog.txt, so you can check it if you want to). That data is almost always things like which ports were found, what their USB ID’s were, timing information, and so on.

LightBurn can also be run completely offline - the information for the license server can be exchanged as text by email, so you never have to be connected at all.