Does LB need to be onlne?

Hi, if I can get my Laser going I will be buying LB. I have been searching here and can’t find the answer.

The computer that runs my 3D-printer and Laser is out in a garage (200-feet from the house) and does not have Internet access. Reading the FAQ it describes things about transferring to new PCs and multiple seats.

Does it need an Internet connection for that? If so, then I have to un-hook it all and carry the PC (Ubuntu-based) into the house to set it up. Once set up, can I then take it back out to the garage to run the Laser?


If I remember correctly, there is a way to do offline activation. Not sure of the process as I have not needed to do it myself.

Internet not required to install or run, but you do need to email your license to OZ and request off-line activation, he will send you back the code to activate the license. I described in a early post. Would have to dig to find it. Found it:

FYI since no where does it show the actual process for the initial offline install, here is what I had to do:

  1. Download the software from an internet connected computer (I used my office work computer, 20 miles from home.)
  2. Saved file to thumb drive.
  3. Copied file to offline computer dedicated to laser engraver.
  4. Installed program on offline computer and enter the Lightburn DSP license key that was emailed to me.
  5. Under registration I selected “offline activation”. This creates a new file that must be saved back to the thumb drive with a .ofr suffix file name. Drove from home to work.
  6. On my office computer I emailed the saved file with my license number to Lightburn.
  7. Lightburn emailed back a file with a .dat file extension. I copied this back to the thumb drive. (Drove home) and under activation loaded this file and it was fully activated.

Thanks Rob. I will copy that and when I have the laser working with the LB trial, I will pay and run through that process. Right now I am terrified of toasting the laser with the PWM so moving slowly at each step. My other post. :slight_smile:

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