Does lightburn controller control k40 power

(Darren Hawkes) #1

Will lightburn controller the power on my k40

I have the c3d fitted and going but I can’t figure out the power and scan gap

(Oz) #2

LightBurn will tell the C3D what power and speed to use, and ‘Scan Gap’ is called Interval (or DPI) in LightBurn.

Are you still having this issue? I notice this post is over a week old, but you haven’t gotten a reply yet.

(Darren Hawkes) #3

What I meant to ask was do I set the k40 power controller to full and set the power in lightburn to say 5% for 3 / 5 ma

(Ray Kholodovsky) #4

This is covered in a power control article under FAQ in the C3D Forum.

(Oz) #5

You set the laser to 12 to 15ma when you press the test button, then use LightBurn to control a percentage of that. Don’t set the laser to max power on the panel itself ‘cause it can damage the tube - stay under 15ma and the tube will last longer.

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