Does lightburn have a "Graphic Hatch" option anywhere?

I’m previously a RDworks user and I’m LOVING Lightburn!!

I’m wondering if there is a “graphic hatch” option that fills in vector shapes and fonts? With everything Lightburn does maybe I’ve missed that function somewhere.

(Engraving glass turns out nicer with graphic hatches versus just doing a solid scan of a shape/font.)

If Lightburn does not have the option, it would be nice to have where you can set the dithering/dot density on the hatch. For glass you can simulate shading by decreasing the density of the image. I can certainly do this in photoshop, then import the graphic. But its nice to save steps whenever possible!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “graphic hatch” - can you elaborate?

Even in Adobe Illustrator, hatched patterns are not the easiest things to create. Here is a tutorial on the process:–cms-20379

In Photoshop, I think some of the “Sketch” filters can probably produce something like this.

Seems like quite an undertaking to automate this in Lightburn.

Maybe I’m not explaining it correctly. sorry. Here are some screen captures from RD.

After it is done you have the original vector, plus a hatched image at the density you specified.

I’ll continue to use photoshop for it. But was just wondering if it existed somewhere in lightburn and I was simply missing it. lol

OOoohhh… You keep saying “graphic hatch”, but all that seems to do is render the shape to a bitmap of the chosen DPI, with fill. That’s why I was confused - hatching is more commonly used to mean “patterned fills”, like a cross hatch:

LightBurn doesn’t do this, but it would be easy to do. I’ve actually been thinking of making this a type of scanning option. Currently there’s “Cut”, “Scan”, and “Image”, but I could make “Scan as Image” for vectors, and give you the same kinds of options.