Does not detect atomstack

I have CH340 installed and on COM7 but lightburn does not detect

The CH340 USB Serial Chip (or a variant of it) is on the Atomstack board. That looks like connection to me but we should verify this in LightBurn.

Sometimes a computer finds its USB ports in a different order when accessories are plugged in or when it’s restarted.

Connect everything, power it up, open the Console window in LightBurn and see if there’s a welcome message. If it can’t find the correct port, open the Laser window and select different options with the bottom middle button in that (Laser) window. Wait 3-4 seconds after you try a different port. Watch the Console window for a message. You may find that it connects.

Double check the USB cable.

If you get something you didn’t expect in the Console window Copy and Paste it into a reply here. Happy to help get you going if we can.

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