Does this exist?

Trying to wrap my head around small laser operations. Can run Epilog 60W with Corel, but I’m overwhelmed with both LB and LGBRL.

Is there a ‘simulation mode’, a virtual laser (Ortur LM2) for learning and practice so that I’m not tied to the actual machine? It’s in the ManShed, and I’m in my comfy chair…

While you need to define at least one laser to get LightBurn setup properly, once done, you are not required to be connected to a laser to use LightBurn to design and define a job you want to run on the laser. You can then review the laser output by hitting the TV icon near the top-center to expose the ‘Preview’ window which allows you to simulate the running of this job. Is that what you are asking? :slight_smile:

This is a good place to start: First Time Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Continue through the completion of the Simple Project to get a good feel for the basics.

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