Doesn't home when connected

Running GRBL 1.1F
Openbuilds ACRO machine
Spark Concepts CNC controller V4
I see in the console that it is connecting to my machine.
I then see it shows “HOMING” even though the machine is NOT moving.
It will properly home if I manually select home.
I am running this on an older acer laptop with windows7.
Is there a setting I have wrong?
The machine will run a job for me.

Doesn’t sound like you have anything set incorrectly. I’m not familiar with that controller, but it’s possible it takes a little longer to start up and doesn’t get the homing command I’m sending. I’ll double check the code.

Also, how does one view thew Gcode it is trying to send?

Just “Save GCode”, then open the resulting file.


Just as a follow up,
Used a new computer today.
Although I have it set to HOME at start, the command is issued but the machine does not respond.
It will properly home if I hit the home button.
Also found that the MOVE LASER button findlaser
Moves the machine to the far right till it hits a limit switch, not where I had pointed to.

It sounds like the machine is running in negative workspace, which is a weird hold-over from the CNC world that dedicated laser systems don’t usually use.

Read here for how to set the machine up to work with LightBurn:

Terrific, that was my problem.
Set in negative values and now the find my laser works as advertised.
I have a big enough bed to go 800x800mm but set the values to 750x750, more than enough for my needs and gives me a 50mm safety margin.
Still wont auto home at start up. Not a big deal should be at home when I start/finish anyway.
From watching the console, looks like it sends the home command too quickly. You see the “HOMING” issued, then you finally get the confirmation from the controller that it is ready. May have to adjust the program to wait for connection confirmation then send the home command.

But anyway
Thank you!