Doesn't work any more

i have been using a program and now it say open shapes skipped

Don’t understand why you are saying “Doesn’t work any more” when it is doing exactly what it should. LightBurn is telling you that your artwork has issues, offering to remove the offending items for you, and presenting this in the form of a warning message with a choice to proceed or not. :slight_smile:

Looks like your artwork has 12 shapes that are set to scan, but are not closed. Select ‘Edit’=>‘Select open shapes set to scan’ to find. ‘Edit’=>‘Auto-join’ (Alt-J) or enter ‘Node Edit’ to resolve open shapes.

it used to send it to the laser with no issue now it has one i did nothing to it just wanted to print a new rabbit and now it has issues

i will try it thanks

well i am down to 6 shapes but cant figure the rest and why did this happen it worked fine with 8.07

If you are willing, post the file (original w/12 open shapes) and I’ll take a look.

i would love to but new user are not aloud too. Can I email or message you, It works in my old program and use to work in lightburn

Send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com.

You have the black outlines set to fill, not cut. If they aren’t closed shapes you’ll get this message. From the screen shot, it looks like they’re intended to be cut out (line, not fill).

my bad your the best also you help me before and i had reached my limit for 22 hr so again thank you so much

Looking at your file now and I see several issues. First thing I notice is that this file does not match the picture you posted above. I see layer order changes, speed and power settings are different as well. Did you change this file from what is pictured above?

This is the result of opening the file you sent and selection ‘Edit’=>‘Select Open Shapes’. The big stuff is easy to see, but you also have small artifacts up by the ears and on the right across from the orange circles.

what you have is what was sent to me all i did was import the file to light burn all ready cut a new one it worked great thank you again

more than likely i did