Doing larger than your bed

Ok have a Question about the software
How come you can cut things bigger than your bed but you can not fill larger than your bed i use lightburn 99.5 percent of the time until i need to fill larger than my bed i have to use rd works. Unless I am missing something I can cut all day long with no mistakes
If i am missing something please tell me thank you for your time

I feel like there may be some context missing here. When you’re talking about cutting larger than the bed are you referring to using Print and Cut for this? If so, I don’t see why this would be fundamentally different with fills other than the potential challenge in trying to make the fill appear seamless.

In that case, are you experiencing some specific complication while doing this?

Yes working with print and cut i can do cuts all day long bigger than my bed but can fill bigger then my bed

What’s preventing you from doing fills? Do you get a hard error or the fills don’t burn correctly?

Can you provide screenshots?

Might watch this video…


Won’t let do it i have no problem cutting larger than my machine I’ve done 3 ft by 6 ft but now I want to do a image on my sliding glass door 28 inches by 28 inches

How is this presented to you? Do you get an error or what happens?

Error messages and or it doesn’t fill

I don’t see a fundamental reason why the fill wouldn’t work so there’s likely something in either the setup or in the design.

If you can provide the specific errors and screenshot of what you’re working with then we could potentially sort it out.

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Yes, as @berainlb suggests, actually sharing what that message displays would help as they have important information contained within that message that tells what the error is. :slight_smile:

The software freezes and shuts down
The error message is lightburn isn’t responding

When does it do this? When you’re setting up your targets or when you frame, or when you attempt to burn?

Can you upload a sample file(s) where this occurs?

The software freezes and shuts down
The error message is lightburn isn’t responding

At what stage does the software freeze?

When sending it to the machine

Now if it’s in cut not fill no problems

What is your laptop age and spec?

Can you upload a full screenshot of LightBurn showing your design as if right before you send to the machine?

Do you have issues with fill layers when not using Print & Cut?

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I lasered (engraved) a 10 ft x 4 ft image in reverse on 10mm clear acrylic a few years ago. The biggest laser we had was a Goldenlaser 1300 x 700mm with passthrough - and Goldenlaser controller, not Ruida.
The machine’s controller could not handle the file’s memory size, (not huge, but regardless, I had to solve it) so I had to break the image into 24 segments, each about 5" x 46" and finish each one separately, then move along, and when the bed area was full, realign the start & end with specially placed dot marks, and then move the substrate through, and start again.
It was a 16 hour run time, back then.
The job finished very well. But I cropped each segemnt of the BMP in Photoshop, saved and labelled them by number.

This wasn’t in Lightbrun - it won’t worm that machine- but ‘ordeal’ of segmenting the job, aligning and moving the substrate is still a part of the necessary process. :slight_smile: