Doppel Linie bei Vektor schneiden

Hallo ich habe leider das Problem wenn ich ein Bild in Vektor Linien umwandle das ich bei jedem Mal 2 Linien nebeneinander bekomme.daruch verbrennt der Laser beim Schneiden das Motive etwas.

Wie bekomme ich die 2 Linie weg.mfg

Hello, unfortunately I have the problem when I convert an image into vector lines that I get 2 lines next to each other every time. This means that the laser burns the motif a bit when cutting.

How do I get the 2 line away.mfg

Centerline tracing is very difficult for many programs to do, as the expected needs can change use-case to use-case. You can use the Edit Node tool to remove any paths you don’t need for a given engraving. If you can import the design as a vector, you don’t need to trace the bitmap into a vector.

You may also find some success in importing the design to Inkscape or another program, using their (admittedly experimental) centerline trace, and then importing the exported SVG to LightBurn.

Hope this helps!

Look at this post. The idea is the same for the font being a closed shape as what you’re attempting to do.

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