Double activation clicking a button with the mouse

Windows 10 up to date. Problem not observed in any other software on the machine. USB Microsoft mouse. Up to date on the latest LightBurn.
Example: click the frame button and the machine performs the operation twice sometimes.
Example: the toggle button “show current laser position” appears to not toggle but, in actuality, it just toggled on and right back off.
I’ve had to resort to using keyboard shortcuts to ensure a single activation of a given operation.

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I have not heard of this from any other users - When was the last time you rebooted your computer?

The computer is usually off. I only use it for the laser. So I guess you could say that it’s rebooted it all the time. I got to try a different mouse. We’ll see if that works.

I think the problem is fixed now after replacing the old USB Microsoft mouse with another USB Microsoft mouse from my junk box — thanks for your response!

У меня на плате GRBL при нажатии кнопки “Пуск” и “Перемещение” происходит двойное выполнение операции. То есть, лазер делает два прохода.

On my GRBL board, when I press the Start and Move buttons, the operation is performed twice. That is, the laser makes two passes.

как видите, замена мыши, похоже, устранила проблему

as you can see replacing the mouse seems to have fixed the problem

Проблема не в мыши это точно.
Если поставить количество проходов - 2, то станок делает 4 . и 4 раза жжет лазер!

The problem is not with the mouse, that’s for sure.
If you set the number of passes - 2, then the machine makes 4. and the laser burns 4 times!

Нет, замена мыши устранила проблему, потому что проблема возникала, даже когда я нажимал кнопку запуска с помощью мыши.

No, replacing the mouse fixed the problem because the problem continued even when I pressed the start button with the mouse.

Check to make sure that you do not have duplicate shapes in your file. It is quite common when importing from Adobe Illustrator to have duplicates. The software will export the shapes twice if you have both a stroke color and a fill color applied to your shapes.

В файле нет повторяющих фигур.
В программе LightBurn создана простая линяя и отравлена на станок. Станок ее выжигает дважды.
И еще, когда нажимаешь кнопку перемещение лазера, то он перемещается на 10 мм, как выставлено в настройках по умолчанию, а потом делает еще повторное перемещения на 10 мм.

There are no repeating shapes in the file.
A simple line was created in the LightBurn program and transferred to the machine. The machine burns it out twice.
And yet, when you press the button to move the laser, it moves 10 mm, as set in the default settings, and then makes another 10 mm movement.

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