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Sorry to bug you all, just hoping someone can help please. I brought a 2d image into light burn and used the “trace image” tool. When I zoom in can see that where there should be one line, there are actually two lines and therefore when I burn; the machine is burning two lines parallel to each other and in result this takes twice the time. Can anyone help resolve this issue please?

I’ve attached an image so you can see what I mean, any help will be appreciate.

Many Thanks

Lightburn doesn’t do centerline tracing.

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Elaborating on what Ralph said:
You have to have a solid object for Lightburn to trace around it with one line…

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Center-line tracing is hard to do correctly. In fact, no software has developed a good solution for this requirement, at any price.

Take a look at InkScape (free), as they have this feature, but the results are not what one might expect because it is very difficult to do correctly. We do plan on attacking this challenge, and try to provide a center-line trace in LightBurn, but that is going to take so time, if at all possible. :wink:


Hey guys,

thanks for your reply- glad to know it wasn’t just me being an idiot. I guess I will wait until this has been added as a feature. :slight_smile:

I run into this often. I use the ‘edit node’ feature, size as necessary, then start using the D key to clear lines/nodes as necessary. At times I can use the delete key on one of the two lines and it will be erased in its entirety.

Also, I use the Select to either dragging downward to the left to select an area or from the lower right drag upward left to select objects. Be watchful you are not deleting lines/nodes you need.

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