Double lines on Y-axis

So, when printing in horizontal lines with Lightburn on my xTool D1 Pro 10W, I get this weird line doubling. In the preview, this is not there. When you zoom in, you can see the engraving is just on the wrong place.
When I switch to vertical printing, the printing time increases but the problem shifts to the X-axis.

I could just switch to whatever looks best…
but the point is I dont have this problem in their own software. At this point im tempted to not buy Lightburn and just use the xTool software, but their software sometimes stops mid-print and thats worse. So I wanna give this forum a try.
Also, lightburn is just more complete so I would love to get it to work.

I have barely touched any of the settings after installing my trial.

You can clearly see in the top branches:

This looks like an offset scanning issue. How did you setup your laser? Did you use the .lbdev file provided by xTool?

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

Yes, I have used that file to set it up

Oh, and I have also tried to increase that scanning offset number and tried disabling it. That did not change the outcome
Another indicator could be that if I change to vertical lines, the same problem shows up but on the X-axis (horizontal lines appear double)

You’re saying no matter what you did it did not change the output? That’s odd.

Yes. This sounds like it’s mechanical then. Likely backlash. Check that the pinion gears on the stepper motor shafts are well secured. There should be grub screws that are securing them. Make sure that one is on the flat portion of the shaft.

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I got to admit I am a little bit confused now, I’m not native english. I know the pinion and what a grub screw is. No idea how to check how secure they are… I will try to find some images or videos online

I’m reconsidering the diagnosis since you’re saying that it works with native software. Backlash would show up in both although certain settings and firmware could affect how readily it showed up.

I think it’s still worth a mechanical review.

I’d suggest trying a manual offset calibration.

Setup a rectangle and set to Fill mode in cut settings. Increase the line interval until the lines are clearly separated and with bidirectional enabled. Lines should be horizontal. Run this at various speeds and enter those corrections in Device Settings. Repeat until offset is minimized.

I will get into this tonight, thank you for your help thusfar.

I checked the grubs, they are secure and on the flat side. One of the grubs doesnt grip very well, so could not really tighten that one, but it seems fine.

As in the hex wrench doesn’t fit properly? That could be a problem. Just make sure that there is absolutely no movement of the pinion without the same movement in the shaft.

Yeah, its the grub on the flat side of the stepper motor for the laser head. I cant get it to move because the wrench will skip. Same wrench on other grubs, works.
It does seem to be tight and I dont see any seperate movement… but it could be something

When you say ‘enter those corrections in device settings’ what do you mean?
Edit1: Also, I found that xTool has two of the device setup files, there is also a V2. I will check which one I have and try out the other too.
Edit2: I think I might be onto something. I might have just downloaded an earlier version of the setup file. There is a different one for the pro in the link you provided (V3). I might not have installed that one. I will let you know in a few hours.

Yep, that was it. I found the file in an old setup tutorial, it had the V1 and the pro needs V3. Lines are perfect now, im a happy man!
Thank you so much @berainlb for your time looking into this.

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