Doubts about lightburn operation on atomstack x7 pro

  1. Why did Lightburn not find my ATOMSTACK X7 PRO machine? Does this have any consequences on the resources that can be used in the program?
  2. The lightburn has some parameter that allows controlling the limit switch, could you advise me something?
  3. I would like to know if in LIGHTBURN the Frame resource has the possibility of turning on the laser at low power to track the recording area with more precision, as is done in LASERGRBL?

Not sure why in your case but this sometimes happens. It has no effect on overall features as long as the machine has been configured properly.

Limit switches are managed by the controller on the laser, not by LightBurn.

Go to Edit->Device Settings. Enable “Enable laser fire button” and “Laser on when framing”. Then go to Move window and set the power level of the Fire button to a very low amount that is still visible.

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