Dovetail not flush

I down loaded some box files. I can’t get the dovetail flush when I put them together. Its like they are not deep enough. They pop right out when I tap. It has to be in the setting, I think. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the post, yet we are going to need more specific information to offer back anything of real value to you. Please share example file(s), images that show the resulting cuts and how they are not fitting, provide as much as you can to help us “see” what you are observing. What size (thickness) material was used to make the original file, and what size (thickness) material did you use in your testing?

With a better visual understanding of what you are after, we should be able to assist with some suggestions. :slight_smile:

The setting you’re probably looking for is “Kerf offset” on the “Common” tab in the Cut Settings editor. I’d suggest making it slightly positive (Outward) to compensate for the material being removed by the laser. It’s dependent on beam width, focus and material, but with a bit of experimentation you’ll find the right value for your application.

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