Download blocked by Windows DefenderSmartScreen

I tried to download LightBurn-v0.9.04.exe. I got message saying
LightBurn-v0.9.04.exe is unsafe to download and was blocked by Windows Defender SmartScreen

That’s a load of hooey - 0.9.04 is a digitally signed application. Which version of Windows are you running?

I’m running Windows 10

Try using Chrome instead. I paid a substantial amount of money to get LightBurn digitally signed so this wouldn’t happen. That’s quite disappointing, but I suspect it’s the browser trying to be clever because you’re downloading from a Google Drive. There should be a way to disable that.

Hi Oz

So I clicked for updates and it says that a newer version of 0.9.04 available but I already have Beta 0.9.04. So I open Google Chrome as you suggested and was able to download newer version. Went back check for updates and it says again that update.0.9.04 is available

It’s a bug that’ll be fixed in the next version. Rest assured that you’re already up to date.

I was testing some new code to check if the posted version was after your license expired, and disabled the “do I have this one?” check temporarily and forgot to put it back. It’s been fixed.

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