Download to SD card on Macbook Pro

Will I be able to download GRBL directly to SD card the ZBAITU M81-FF80EAI will then run?

I suspect you’re asking about g-code being able to be run from the SD Card.

I’m not familiar with that specific machine but after looking at an online brochure it seems that they are suggesting that but it’s unclear how it works.

But it does appear that the machine runs a GRBL firmware in which case LightBurn is able to save gcode for the machine which should be able to be run offline.

Thanks, I’m new to this. I ran into something somewhere while poking around that indicated that there might be problems with the download on a mac, but that it was fixed with the Ras.PI in the middle. I’m trying to find out if that is the case or really not needed any more.

Connectivity issues with Mac were mostly related to Ruida controllers. The laser you listed does not use a Ruida controller and would not be subject to that issue. It looks to either be GRBL based or have a GRBL option. Mac is subject to other USB issues but most are surmountable based on what I’ve seen on the forum.

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