Draw a yardstick

I need to draw a 36" ruler. What would be the easiest way to do this? I want to then engrave on a piece of plywood.

I was able to draw it up in Aspire. I just drew up an inch and then did 35 arrays. A little bit of clean up and done.


Not sure why you need to go outside of LightBurn to do this. I did a quick mock up using lines and Grid Array Control in LB to create a 6" ruler very easily.

I just created a shorter line, selected it, used Grid Array at .125 intervals (48 of them). Then made a slightly longer line, selected it, used Grid Array at .25 intervals (24 of them), etc. It was a very quick process that I could have taken longer to perfect, but it demonstrates the ease, I guess. Now I can select all and use the Grid Array to lay out 6 more of these at 6" intervals, spend a little time putting in labels, and I should have a yardstick!

:slight_smile: I posted a link to a generator

Generator is very cool :slight_smile:

Definitely easy with the generator!

However, @htrowrod, you CAN do it easily with LightBurn as well. Use the Grid Array control just like you did in Aspire and I did in the example above.

This is the icon for the tool:

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