Drawing a circle but deleting the negative outside the cirle

I am trying to draw a christmas ornament. I drew the circle and offset it to make it thicker, and then I’m wanting to add 2 snowflakes on the bottom but I traced them and then I want to align them towards the bottom and delete the part that sticks out the bottom but keep the other part. When I hit weld it is deleting them, when I hit boolean, you can only do 2 items and I’d have 3 with the circle and it’s not doing what I want it to do. Any help?

Welcome Jamie. :slight_smile: The post below shares a demo of all the Boolean features within LightBurn and might be helpful if you haven’t reviewed already.

If you are still having issues after review, please post a picture of what artwork you are using so we can direct you further.

This worked. I just had to copy the outer circle and duplicate it and then put it back together again. But I was able to do what I wanted. Thank you!

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