Drawing a star - absolute beginner!

Sounds silly but I am trying to draw a star and not sure how to either edit a bought in image from web or draw from scratch in the software. How do I clip ends of lines I don’t want? I did bring in an image from web but can’t edit nodes that are dark black image|374x500

So I just figured out a way to do it. It might not be the best way, but here goes:

Draw a polygon. It defaults to go a 6 sided polygon, so go to your Shape Properties options and change it to 5 sided. (If you don’t see Shape Properties anywhere, go to Window -> Shape Properties)

Then I took the pen tool and drew lines connecting all the corners. Like such:
I can feel the dark lord’s spirit already.

Next, delete the pentagon you created at the start. Then select the resulting lines that form a star shape, go to Tools -> Offset Shapes, and set the offset to 0, Inward or Outward, or both if you want 2 stars. Select resulting shapes. Hit Okay.

Next move the newly selected shape away from the lines you created.


Congrats, you made a star. Isn’t learning fun?


This is an option as well.


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