Drawing and mass ok, but cut smaller

Hello all,
Maybe someone had the same problem as me.
Win 10 Home, SW Lightburn1.4.0, Lasercutter Jinsoku LC40.
Drawings created in CAD, saved as DXF. Then sent to the laser with Lightburn, but measured in advance.
in mm should be 269, but is 266. so I am missing 3mm.
Should I use ev instead of dxf another format.
Have checked machine and timing belt everything palletti.
Can someone please help me there, because for my model ship of 1m40cm 3 mm are very visible.
I will gladly accept any tips, thanks in advance.
Your Gruffty Mike

Hallo Zusammen,
Vielleicht hatte jemand das gleiche Problem wie ich.
Win 10 Home, SW Lightburn1.4.0, Lasercutter Jinsoku LC40
Zeichnungen erstellt im CAD, als DXF abgespeichert. Dann mit Lightburn an den Laser geschickt, vorab jedoch gemessen.
in mm sollte 269 sein, ist jedoch 266. also fehlen mir 3mm.
Sollte ich ev statt dxf ein anderes Format verwenden.
Habe Maschine und Zahnriemen kontrolliert alles palletti.
Kann mir bitte jemand da helfen, denn für mein Modellschiff von 1m40cm sind 3 mm sehr sichtbar.
Nehme jeden Tip sehr gerne entgegen, Danke im Voraus
Euer Gruffty Mike

In LightBurn, draw a square that is a substantial part of your work area and use dimensions that are whole / round numbers that are easy to input. Engrave this test square on inexpensive material.

After this is produced, note which axis is X and which is Y. Record the dimensions that were selected for the square on each axis. Measure each axis and record the measurement numbers on the target as well. The measurement is taken from center to center of the engraved lines, below where the center of the engrave head would have been. Measuring between the lines or outside the lines introduces a small error.

In LightBurn, click Edit, click Machine settings, click the Calibrate Axis button toward the bottom of the window. Enter the numbers you have recorded on your target.

On another inexpensive piece of material, engrave the same square. You should be very close but you may repeat the test as needed for increased accuracy.

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