Drawing help in lightburn

I’m used to drawing in a cad program and used to being able to let two lines cross and then clip off the extra and the two lines then will join together. So, I’m drawing a circle that has two parall lines to each side of it and want the two lines to meet the circle and then be able to cut out the bottom half of the circle creating a single object that has a rounded end. also need to know how to clip out a section of line between two objects. No disrespect but this program does not seam to be powerful in the drawing part of things as what I’m used to. So I need the learning curve.

LightBurn is not a drawing program but does offer some basic drawing tools that we are enhancing all the time. However, LightBurn is not intended to replace AutoCAD, SketchUp, Illustrator or InkScape style design applications.

Everything you are asking to do can be done in LightBurn. To understand the available options in LightBurn, first - hover over the tool or window and press F1 to launch the documentation about that thing. We continue to fill this out, but there is a lot of this available now so start there. Hovering over the ‘Edit Nodes’ tool and selecting F1 brings up this page, explaining the usage and options for node editing. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CreatingNewVectors.md#node-editing-tool-

We also offer some helpful videos on the LightBurn YouTube channel and we continue adding to that content as well.

To clip out a section of a line segment, hover over that segment and hit the ‘D’ key to delete. You might need to insert nodes to define the exact section you want to cut out.

For a “single object that has a rounded end”, there are several ways to do this. You will find this true with many tasks within LightBurn, as not everybody uses the same workflow to accomplish a task. Take a look at both the ‘Boolean’ and ‘Radius’ tools for this.



Thanks that was exactly what I was doing !