Drawing objects and layer list

I know about cut layers but is there a way to get an object or layer list related to the drawing elements? Looking for something like the layers window in illustrator or the object window in Inkscape.

You can edit the descriptions highlighted in green that are under the # sign in the screen capture. You call them what you want.

Within LightBurn, layers are displayed in the ‘Cuts Layers’ window. Cuts / Layers - LightBurn Software Documentation

Is this what you are wanting? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. These layers are still cut centric, what I’m looking for is a list of individual objects for editing a complex design. Say you have a rectangle, circle, and an open path all belonging to the same cut layer and I’d like to hide the visibility of the circle only, this is not possible in LightBurn without moving the circle to a different layer and hiding that. Again I’m looking for a drawing object list like in Illustrator or Inkscape that is independent of the cut layers. I love the editing and path tools in Lb but not having this type of view is making it difficult to work with more complex designs.

I see where you are coming from. CorelDraw also has that feature. I find it unintuitive when you are working on complex files, and you turn something off that is nested and can’t remember what level it was nested. You can add your suggestion here.

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