Driver Failure?

My laptop (asus - less than 2 years with plenty of memory) suddenly stopped recognizing my laser engraver (xtool D1 - less than a year old with light use). I have unplugged, replugged all cables, rebooted laptop, rebooted engraver - twice, once with each starting first; but I have yet to figure out how to uninstall lightburn (so I can reinstall), or how to re-install over the existing program.

Did you try a new USB cable?

Can you see the laser in the device manager?

If your OS can’t see it’s, I tend to go towards a driver issue. Did Windows do any kind of upgrade or patch?

Lightburn doesn’t drive the USB directly it goes through the OS, at least I’d assume such…

If the OS can’t see it, Lightburn can’t either.

Good luck


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