Dslr or mirrorless camera

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Does anybody know if a dslr or mirror less camera will work with lightburn?

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This may be a good read from a past post.

I know the mirror less camera work best from the current choices that Lightburn uses in the ones sold here. They have wide angles which means they can be mounted in the housing. A DSLR likely would need to be mounted outside if the cabinet due to the focal length. It would also need to be a fish eye lens an ultra wide angle lens



Thx for replying.
I had dismount my laser lid,
150cm x100 cm laser working area with ruida.
I use 160 degree small ccd camera but very hard to get very accurate position.
Since i cut mostly fabrics and need more precision to cut outline,
I just tought about the mirrorless,
Any suggestions how to get more accurate?

I strongly suggest investing in the Lightburn camera

the one below is for larger machines. I figured you said you were cutting material so I think this is the one you would need

The cameras sold by Lightburn have been tested and calibrated to the Lightburn software and then can be easily calibrated to your machine which uses Lightburn.

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Some DSLR and mirrorless cameras have video output. However, they take up a LOT more room than the camera module, and I’d much rather have a $100 camera module get mucked up with the fumes and particles of laser cutting than a $1,000+ camera. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the exact same thing when I initially read the post. I agree as well @rojhan

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Thank you very much for your information, well that would be the best choice for me…
I bought one camera modul from ali express, 160 degrr lens that verybhard to do alignment.

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