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I have an OMTech 60w laser, with a Ruida controller, an Acer computer, with RDWorks installed and am trying to get it to hook up to my Lightburn software. I have tried adding devices, sometimes it finds the controller but what it says is, type of controller, DSP–Serial/USB connection. At the bottom of the page is says------You have chosen a DSP device, but do not have the DSP license. Update your license key. I have done this a dozen times and it still won’t work. Normally after I update the License Key, Lightburn wont find the Ruida controller. Can anyone help me??? What could be wrong.

This is telling you that you do not have the correct license. You need to purchase an upgrade from the GCode version to the DSP version from this link: LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license

I think you are checking for updates to the software and not the license itself. :slight_smile:

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It sounds like you only have the G-Code license purchased.

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Thank you, I thought I had the correct license.

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