DSP License. how do I find it

Installed lightburn and had it search for my laser. It found my Rudia 644XG but it says I need a DSP license and I have no idea what that is or where to find it.

This message is identifying that you have not purchased the DSP license required to support your controller. I assume you have a GCode license, so you will need to upgrade to the DSP version here:

I do have the GCode license.
Thanks Rick, I’ll get that done asap.

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Rick James, I have one more question and that is I reloaded Lightburn and downloaded the trial version. Where do I go to download one that I can use the activation key?

There is no difference between trial and full released version beyond time limit. You should be able to visit ‘Help’→’License Management’ and enter your key there. Are you saying this is not working for you?

Correct it isn’t working for me. Do I need to hit the deactivate?

I will assume you read this when you placed your order, right? :slight_smile:


Rick James, You worked your magic and it is done.
Thanks so much!!!

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