Dual head air assist


I am about to get the ultimate air assist package from cloudray to install on my dual headed laser. My machine has one 150W tube for cutting and one 80W tube for engraving.

I am just wondering if it is possible for me to install an air assist solenoid valves on two separate air lines that will be regulated at different pressures and if Lightburn would support that. The reason would be that I need to have minimal air flow while engraving to prevent smoke and resin to be blown back onto my workpiece, and I would need maximum airflow while cutting to maximize my cutting efficiency. Another reason is that right now I have a T joint where the airline splits and goes to both heads, and I would like to eliminate that so I don’t lose pressure out of the engraving head while I am cutting.

I have a ruida 6442g and I’ve seen many tutorials on how to set up the air assist on only one head, but I haven’t seen a specific solution available for dual headed lasers.


I don’t believe there are independent flags for air assist on each head - I think it’s just a global setting. However, the next release of LightBurn adds support for the generic output pins on the Ruida controller, so you could use one of those as your 2nd head Air Assist, and that would work.

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