Dual Head (independent head motor) - Lightburn Usage

Anyone working with dual head, especially one having a motor on it so both heads are independent?

Need to understand the working principle behind it and how to configure and use lightburn for it? My z axis is tied to this motor and the limit switch is on as it is close to the limit switch. How to disengage and move this head alone?

In the image, u can see the head number 2 has the z axis motor and the limit switch in the middle is on.

I have not seen machines with dual heads where the nozzle heads run independently of each other.
In your picture, it also looks like the heads are connected.
Do I see it so wrong?

The motor at the rear of the left head is used to change the separation distance between the two heads. I haven’t worked with a system like this before.

Here is a video of one such system - Two-way Movable Dual Head Auto Feeding Fabric Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 300W 1600*1000mm - YouTube
I am looking for instructions. Got a used machine, so no support.

Then you must at least cut the two cable ties over before you drive in different directions :wink: I get completely dizzy when I see this machine running.

good catch. let me check on it and remove it. maybe they did not make use of this asynchronous feature.

Zip tie on the right was also holding the cable to the motor on the left. removed it. Motor keeps whirring and the Z position count on Ruida goes up and down, but no movement in the belt pulley and so the head stays there. Maybe hardware issue.

Does this machine really have 2 300W tubes?

this is a beast! Two-way Movable Dual Head Auto Feeding Fabric Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 300W 1600*1000mm-Fabric Laser Engraving Cutting Machine-Laser Engraving Cutting Machine-PRODUCTS-cnc wood engraving machine,co2 laser engraving machine,co2 laser cutting machine,plasma cutting machine-Jinan Upgoal Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Hi Muralaser,

I could not use Light Burn on my double-headed machine, one of which is driven by a motor.

I’ve been following ligt Burn in the hope that one day they will fix this problem.

Following the post u mentioned, I was able to fire laser 2 only by changing the head num RDWorks to 1. Then only LB fires laser 2. I am not sure what effect LB offset value has. I had it 0 and the actual value (92.5mm), either way LB works. Maybe Multihead auto layout of RDWorks a totally different feature that is not yet incorporated in LB. Maybe it is used with Z axis to run the laser 2 independent of laser 1, so both can travel to different position instead of LBs fixed head offset (by physically moving the head 2 to a new position and LB offset value does not do anything). Right now I am not familiar with RDWorks, so will work with the heads in sync on X axis. Maybe someone will tell us how to use both the heads asynchronously on the same X axis.
Thanks for tip of turning the Head Num to 1.

Can the LB admin tell us what the Laser 2 offset really do? Is it tied to the Z axis?

Metin, If RDWorks works for u with dual laser asynchronously, can u share the RD file of a simple rectangle cut (two different sized rectangle for each laser), so I can see how it works.

Hello Muralaser,

Objects added to the virtual array (heads on the X axis) work synchronously. While the right head cuts an object, the left head cuts the same. Think of it as a pair of machines.

However, objects that are not added to the virtual array in a cut file can be cut separately by the second and first heads. I am attaching a sample video and picture.

As far as I understand, Light Burn does not work on machines that use motors for the 2nd head yet. Light Burn does not have the automatic distance adjustment and working feature with the second head.


Thanks for pointing out the differences.

I have a Bibo II 3d printer with two heads.

If you keep the objects less then 30mm from the center allows you to duplicate to the other head.

It takes a few lines of grbl you have to edit…

I could see there would be lots of issues if you can change the distance…

Good luck


Thanks for the info and the graphic.It helps. However the video link is not working. No problem.

Double-head Linkage System Specificatio

Thank you… That’s very informative.

Seems like I’m in for more amazement every day…


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Also, for a layer, if laser 1 is only enabled and cut with that, and if I have cut something again, I have to select “Cut Selected Graphics” . When I run it, it triggers only laser 2 and not the laser 1. Framing does it correct with the laser 1, but actual cut happens with laser 2. That throws everything apart.

Will post as a new question.

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