Dual laser configuration

Hello all,
I have installed a k40 in addition to my existing Neje 64640. I have installed C3D board with Smootie. A couple of questions:
I want to be able to toggle between the two lasers, without having to change all parameters manually one by one. Can I set the two configs somewhere in Lightburn and be able to switch by selecting one or the other? Macro? How? I have my licence for two Lightburn instance, and I use only one. Should I install the second licence on the same computer and would it be easier? Is there a tutorial to show how to do this?
The other question is when I run the k40, the image is mirrored even if it was created correctly. It looks like it is engraving ok, but not too sure how to go about this.
Thank you so much for your help!

Yes. Just add a new device by pushing Devices button in Laser window. You can select the laser with the pulldown selector to the right of the Ports field that lists the laser name.

Not necessary or easier or practical.

You need to set machine origin to bottom-left in Edit->Device Settings for C3D.

And if you want to use both at the same time, you have only to start a second instance of LB

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