Dual laser head

I have a dual head laser. I adjusted mirrors and everything before setting up lightburn. The machines Turned on fine. When I opened lightburn and put in the work bed settings the laser won’t move now. Even with the controllers on the laser. I was getting both lasers to pulse and when I added light burn and tried to engrave laser 2 would move but not engrave. Now when I turn the laser off and back on it bounces back and forth really fast and tries to go over to the right more even though it’s already there. What do I do??

Not sure I can help, but read thru the documentation site to get started. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/DeviceWizard.md

I did that already. It’s just not picking up the laser head for some readon

I have a diode so won’t be of much assistance. I noticed you joined less than 12 hours ago so I thought the documentation would provide the answers. This is a great forum, someone will provide you the solution.

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Can you show a picture of your controller?

With the laser acting funny on power up, it sounds like homing might not be working properly. Did you bump one of the homing sensors, by chance?

What do the homing sensors look like?

That looks like a newer Ruida panel.

Check the wires going into the controller to make sure everything is connected properly - sometimes the vibration from transport will cause screws to loosen, and that can mess up the connections between the controller and the motor drivers or motors, homing sensors, etc, so I’d start there just because it’s simple to ‘pull test’ the wires on the controller and motor connections to make sure they’re snug.

After that, the homing sensors are usually a small orange-ish box, about 1cm x 1cm x 2cm, and there will be one at the end of each axis, in the corner where the machine seeks when you power it up. They usually have a small light on them that turns on when they activate. If you jog the laser head to the corner that the machine homes toward, you should see a bit of metal plate that moves over each sensor, and when that happens, they should light up. If not, check the wiring for those too.

Start with that, and hopefully that helps.

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