Duet 2 Wifi configuration

Hi All

Here’s some help for anyone who’s trying to use lightburn with a Duet 2 Wifi board

Ive been struggling for a while to get my #Endurance_Laser working with my new Duet Wifi. but after looking though all sorts of websites, I have managed to come up with a good work around.

In the config.g file in the sys folder, insert the following lines

;laser mode
M555 P2;set Marlin output mode
M452 C”!fan0” Q100 ; configure fan

This enables Marlin Mode on the Duet board and sets the PWM signal to fan O.

Then quite simply, set lightburn machine to Marlin and export and upload G-code files to you Duet wifi and send the jobs as usual.

Hope this helps a few people until Lightburn get sorted and update the software to accept the Duet Wifi

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