Dumb, off-the-wall question

Does anybody know just what temperatures are achieved on the engraving surface with a well-focused 5W (optical) 455nm laser?

I ask because I am wondering about how the various marking sprays work on different materials.

This fresh guy has a little explanation, which he demonstrates with the boldness of youth, nicely.

This is a medical site but it’s a good explanation of heat generation.

Get down to Laser-Material Interaction area it becomes more interesting.


BTW: Heating up and burning PVC is not a brilliant idea. PVC will release Chloride gas… not known for its friendliness to our health.

Here is a $20k machine that cut vinyl for less than 6 months…

Not only lungs…


Yikes!! I hope that they had a very high profit margin on all the vinyl they cut with that machine. I’m not sure there is much of anything left that has even minimal salvage value.

The guy who posted it didn’t say much except they were ‘taken’ by the salesman. By the looks of things, the ventilation wasn’t really up to par either.

No telling how much external damage from this actually occurred.


Thanks for that link! Yes, a very interesting article, and a good readable explanation of what happens when a laser beam hits its target. It took me back some 50 years to memories of Physical Chemistry lectures.