Duplicate / Array not copying tabs?

Array so it seems does not copy tabs from master to copies.

I am not having this issue. Mac running 9.15 set currently for Ruida profile. Please provide more details so we can try to reproduce on our end.

Maybe i am doing it wrong. Win10/64, Smoothieware.
Just created a simple rectangle, added 2 tabs, create array, preview. only master shape has tabs


Did same except placed 3 tabs, but working as expected. How did you place the original tabs?

I have exactly the same, Copy, Duplicate and Array all reproduce the original object but without the manual inserted tabs. Win10/64 ruida

Same here with Linux mint. Make a square, place tabs, make array. Only the original has tabs.

@adammhaile - Can you check if tabs are copied in release builds?

We’re planning on doing the 0.9.16 release very soon anyway - There’s a change to the tabs feature to let it not produce tabs on inner shapes that is written, but hasn’t had enough testing yet that we’re comfortable letting it out into the wild, but once we’ve had a bit more time with it we’ll be sending it out, and things like this can be cleaned up with that release if necessary.

@LightBurn yep, I’ll take a look.

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