Duplicate cut lines

Good day all … I was wondering if anyone had run into this . I have doing signage for a large RV park … Site signs, potable water … street etc. I make it all in illustrator and then import into LB. There is only 1 cut line ( in red ) in Illustrator but then I bring it into LightBurn there are 2 . I am 100% positive there is only 1 line in Ai … I have to go in and ungrope everything and delete every duplicate line.

Any way to get around this ? I have tried saving as all different versions … but nothing helps.

Cheers - Brandon

If you have both a fill and a stroke on that shape in Illustrator it will export twice, once for the fill, and once for the stroke.

You might be able to use “Edit => Delete Duplicates” if they are truly copies of each other.

I tried the edit delete duplicates didnt do anything … and I am aware of the fill and stroke issues and it then duplicating . This is a true stroke ( no fill ) … .25 px wide … not an issue to delete it in LB … but it does take time