"Duplicate" in library not saving

I see the post from July 2nd about this issue, but it appears to still exist in the current version. I just downloaded and installed a couple days ago (sorry, don’t have the exact version number since my laptop is at home and I’m at work but it should be the latest, 0.9.04). I set layer parameters, create new from layer… did that twice, both saved ok. Then did a bunch more by “duplicating” an existing library entry, renaming, sometimes changing the settings. None of the subsequent items saved so when I reloaded the file, it only showed the initial two I created from layer.

I’ll look into this today. I believe this is fixed for the pending release, but I’ll double check.

Awesome… thanks! Wasn’t sure if the “fixed” from a month ago had made it into a public release yet or not. Apologies if I just didn’t wait long enough. :slight_smile:

The last release was mid-June, so that probably hasn’t made it out yet. The next release should be relatively soon.

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