Duplicate text being burnt

I created with the text tool a luggage tag to be burn onto a small playing card sized piece of anodized aluminum.The properties are Fill+Line with a speed of 900 and power of 50%.

The result is the text but with a shadow approximately the with of the text on the right. I have checked the file but I cannot see an option that would create a shadow.

Any help would be appreciate.


Can you post a picture of your result? I’ve bumped up your user level so you should be able to.

Thanks for the quick response, I have updated the original post.

As well I have also tried slowing down the speed with some improvement as well as going unidirectional with greater improvement.

Is this the approach I should be taking. Is the a rule of thumb for these?


I missed the original “with a speed of 900” bit. That’s very fast for a glass tube machine, so yes, slowing down will help, and using the offset table will help as well. Most glass tube systems I’ve seen are factory limited to 500mm/sec because the PSU’s just don’t fire fast enough.

If the system takes 1ms to fire, your laser head has moved 0.9mm, which would give you a 1.8mm offset between horizontal lines, and that’s assuming you’re firing within a millisecond. Some PSU’s will take longer.

Sorry for the confusion, the laser is a 15W solid state.

After slowing the speed down to 900 mm/min for the fill its is much improved. Now I just need the slow the line even more than the 200 mm/min that was used here.

I am currently doing fill at 50% power and line at 20%.

Oh, if you’re running a diode, and only going 900mm/min, that’s actually quite slow. I’d check for mechanical play, like belt slop, loose pinions, bearings, etc. Things like that will wreak havoc and cause all sorts of issues.

Bullseye, that was it, I spent the afternoon tightening all the belts and it came out just perfect.

Thanks so much for your help.