Durablack Industrial Aluminium

Hi All,

I am trying to use the Durablack aluminium for a project. I am struggling to get the setting right as the tests are done on an Epilog machine and they reference the speed and power in percentage. I do not know what the maximum speed is of the Epilog so can not calculate it. I have tried running it at 70mm/sec but either dont get enough power ot I get too much power.

Has anyone used it before with some basic settings? I have a self built 80W machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never used Durablack™ so I have no idea what that’s about.
If I was just doing plain old garden variety anodized aluminum (dog tags, flashlights, etc) on my 80 watt machine, I would probably run around 200mm/s @ 15-25% power (maybe 6-9 mA) and see how that looks.
I think your 70mm/s is too slow.

The max speed on an Epilog machine can only be answered by it depends. It depends on the exact machine, but most of their mid to higher end machines are around 2,000 mm/s or so for the purpose of your calculations.

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