Dust and smoke filter

Hi all. I have been using my LU2-10A laser for about 3 weeks. The laser worked in a metal box with a fume extractor. The problem is that when cutting plywood, smoke is released and this smoke, along with dust particles, is immediately drawn into the laser by the fans. I noticed through the cracks that the fans are very dirty. When I dismantled the laser, I was horrified. The whole board was in black resin, it was thrown with fans. The fans themselves did not spin well and were covered in soot. I spent about 5 hours cleaning with alcohol. I made homemade filters. I think now you should not use the laser more than 80 percent, so as not to overheat it.
Question to the developers, is it possible to use a laser with such filters?strong text

Some laser engravers have a temperature sensor on the module.

Drawing clean fresh-air into the engrave head may be a safer approach.

Restricting the flow of cooling air may be problematic.

The fact is that in the box for removing smoke, where the laser works, a lot of smoke accumulates and the air there is very polluted. Air flows through the filters well. Does this module have a temperature sensor?

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