DXF arc export from Lightburn - facets

If you look at the attached picture, it seems odd what Lightburn is doing. I know I am not using Lightburn how other people use it. I mostly using it as a translator. Because of the way Lightburn handles arcs when it exports to DXF, what I do is a workaround. I export to AI, then import into an old CAD prorgram that converts any bezier data to arcs, and maintains any arc information that is in the AI file. I then export that data to DXF, and import into Draftsight or NanoCAD.

Simple example - when Lightburn exports an AI file containing a rectangle with radius corners, it creates a shape with 4 arcs and 4 straight lines. The same shape exported to DXF creates a polyline that contains the 4 straight lines for the “lines”, and 12 facets for each arc. My workaround with AI export definitely works, and I wouldn’t want you to waste time on code that doesn’t affect other people. If you keep adding the type of functions in the last 2 videos, Lightburn users won’t need Illustrator or Corel :slight_smile:

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