DXF drawings now to segmented when importing

since the last update, when I import a DXF drawing contours within the drawing are broken down, one of the great features of lightburn was you click on a part of the drawing and move it around but now that contour could have 5 separate lines now and you can’t just group together as the contour next to it inevitably does the same you you pick up parts of both,
Anyone have a hack.
I’ve tried using offset but the delete original drawing isn’t working properly now

No as Qcad adds that later

You can add the .TXT to the end of that saved file, allowing you to post. :slight_smile:

How can you upload and add the TXT after the DXF bit

Sounds like your DXF is coming in as disjointed segments. If the parts are properly aligned you may be able to get them joined by selecting all segments and then going to Edit->Auto-Join selected shapes.

Please upload here if if that doesn’t work.

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Thank you, That works perfectly,

Thank you for your time, i finally managed to get it to work this way but also found the solution below a lot quicker for most, select all the shapes and using the Edit>Auto-join selected shapes, hopefully this will help you in future also.

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