DXF export help

(Jose Kluge) #1

I am having trouble when I export any dxf file using lightburn.

Once I try to open the file on AutoCAD 2019 it asks me to press enter to continue and I never get the drawing or text or anything.

Does anyone know a fix to this?

(Oz) #2

I think LightBurn is missing a field in the DXF export (Layer) and Autodesk products are very rigid about the format. Every other piece of software I’ve tried accepts LightBurn’s DXF output - it’s a known issue that I need to investigate more.

(Oz) #5

Can you give the attached file a try? I’ve made changes to the DXF exporter and I’m hoping I’ve got it fixed.

DxfTest.dxf (42.2 KB)