DXF file low quality in Lightburn

Hello! I design laser cut files in Adobe Illustrator, and many of my customers use lightburn. For some reason, the DXF versions have parts of the text missing.

It is a single line font, if that helps.
I’ve played around with different settings and did a bunch of research, but so far nothing has helped.
Any suggestions? Thank you!

Thanks for your suggestion. Any ideas on how to make that work for customers? I sell the files on Etsy.

I have the free trial version - so it will work for now, but I was hoping to find a more efficient solution to avoid having to use LB to export. Thank you for the idea though!

Thank you. I offer the svg, dxf, and pdf versions of every design so I would think one of the above should work in Lightburn. I specifically design for the Glowforge, which isn’t compatible with LB, but other laser owners expect it to work here too so I’d like to do the best I can to offer files that are compatible everywhere. Thanks again for your help.

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