DXF file not importing properly

I have a dxf file that was created in inventor that import fine into AutoLaser & RD works but when I import it into Lightburn a lot of the segments are missing. I have tried other versions of this file & save it as various dxf options but all the same.
What am i doing wrong.

My first guess would be to mess with the auto-close setting in Lightburn in the DXF import settings.


Thanks for that but it made no difference.
How do I upload the file I am having trouble with so other people can try it?

EMail the dxf file with a link to this forum post to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look.

Hi Oz
did you receive the file i emailed to you?


Yes. There was an issue with the way I was handling vertex bulge (arcs between two points) if the object contained only two vertices and was marked as a closed path. I’ve fixed it, and it will be in the next release.

Thanks OZ
just affirmed why I went through the effort of upgrading my system to run Lightburn.
Any idea when the next release is as I use that format of drawing a lot.
Thanks again

When it’s ready :slight_smile:

We don’t give concrete release dates.

I’m hoping for it to be soon - Possibly as soon as a week - but Ray is correct. I don’t give hard release dates because if we find bugs we’ll spend the time to stabilize things rather than try to rush it out.

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