DXF File, optimiizing, multiple cuts

Cutting out shapes in 1/4 Baltic Birch - 100 watt machine. Files are .dxf brought in from Onshape, set up in lightburn. Using ~~ 40mm/sec @ 60% power - 3 passes. When it runs, it cuts one line 3x, then an arc 3x, then next line 3x, etc. How do I get it to do one complete pass, then second, and then third?


Based on your description I’m guessing that the lines in your drawing are coming in as smaller individual and unjoined line segments. Because of this, LightBurn is treating each segment as its own object to burn.

I’ve written a post that describes some of this that you may want to review.

Thanks - I have it figured out now. When I bring DXF’s in I was GROUPING each file to keep them together. If I used AUTO-JOIN Selected Shapes - it makes all the lines into one ‘PATH’. Then if it needs multiple passes, it follows the whole path multiple times.


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