DXF from Fusion360 has extra lines

Hi, I’ve never used LightBurn before. I’m attempting to save a sketch in Fusion360 as DXF for use with LightBurn, but the result has extra lines coming from a specific set of features and all going to a single point at a seemingly random place. I’m not sure what is causing it or how to fix it. Does anyone have an idea? The DXF files look normal when viewed with other software.

I’m following this guide: Working with Fusion 360 - LightBurn Software Documentation

test.dxf (903.9 KB)


Hello again Scott!!
As far as I know there hasn’t been a fix on this yet. Like I said in the F360 forum it’s a bug in LB. Hopefully the SVG and AI files I posted of your Ring Clock over in that forum will get you up and running.

EDIT: By the way, the erroneous lines appear to come from the DXF origin.

EDIT#2: I’ve just done a test, moving the objects then re-exporting. This time the lines don’t go to the origin but to some random position so that’s that theory out of the window!

I have done a bit of testing. All the lines are originating from autodesk datum point (0,0) probably as the result of an array, mirror ect. I found save as the oldest format of DXF works. Or import as is break apart delete the lines and auto join.

I have the same problem. Is this a confirmed bug and do we know a planned fixdate ?

Same Problem here. Its a pain to edit the file so you can use it! Please Fix!!!

This is really hurting my workflow. Please fix! Welcome others’ ideas on workarounds. I’m not able to cut any of my complex curves.

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