DXF Importing Blank


I’ve used various Autodesk applications to save the DXF file, but none of them import and are all just blank when I do.

I also used online file converters and even their DXF import as blanks.

I see you are have listed Emblaser. What version of LightBurn and on what OS?

I just ran another series of test on a couple of DXF files which import successfully. The 9.00 release has some DXF Import/Export improvements that might be causing an issue. If you are using 9.00 or later, please send an example file (one that is not working for you) to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can take a look.

Can you please send me your email. The file is for a client and I cant share on a public forum.

Have another look at my last comment above *^^. :wink: We understand folks might not want to post a file to the public forum. Files sent to developer are not shared with anyone else.

Sorry slow today. Sending now.

I’ve examined this file. While there’s lots of content, none of it seems to be placed on the page. It’s like a library of objects, with none of them set to display anywhere.

That is strange… Its only one model and view.

I saved a DWG from Inventor 2019. I then opened in Autocad2019 as Inventor does not support DXF. I then save the DWG as a DXF in Autocad with the current view.

Any other idea how I can get a single model from Inventor to Lightburn?

Is Inventor a 3D application, or 2D? Typically, DXFs are 2D projections or profiles - can you export something like that from Inventor as a DXF?

Googling suggests it’s possible: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/inventor-products/getting-started/caas/screencast/Main/Details/8239e841-6230-4c37-8355-17f227a9c1ef.html