DXF not importing correctly

Hi there,

I experienced some problems when I tried to import a .dxf file that was created by design spark mechanical. As you can see in the picture the file was imported correctly in RD Works but shows disturbances in Lightburn. I already played a bit with the auto-close toleances in the seetings but this did not help.
Any suggestions?

This is the link to the dxf-file:


That link opens a picture that is remarkably like the LB result. I also opened it in Libra Cad and it looks the same. No idea why RDworks can make a better job of it.



The picture is a preview done by Google Chrome, I assume. The file is using partial ellipses for the arcs, and using negated Z extrusion directions, which lots of software has problems with. RDWorks and Aspire both get it right though, so I should be able to work out what’s happening.

This is fixed and will be in the next release:


Great thanks a lot! Looking forward to the release…:yum:

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