eBay Chinese Galvo Etching laser


I have upgraded my K40 with both cohesion3D and LightBurn. I’m more looking at building my own galvo fiber laser but buying the parts and putting together myself. Can Cohesion3D board control the Galvo head? I assume if yes then LightBurn would work. Reason for building myself is I want to be able to swap the laser from Galvo control to CNC table.

Thanks for your feedback

No the Cohesion 3D board can not run a galvo head. And LightBurn is not capable of running a fiber laser at this time.

Thank you for the response. I will just have to use the Chinese board when I do the Galvo and switch over the laser to the cnc cutting head for Cohesion3D and LightBurn. I will have to review options.

Wishful thinking.


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