echo:Unknown command: "M2"

I’m using a Snapmaker A350.

The console shows echo:Unknown command: “M2” after each job.

The laser is configured in LB as a Snapmaker (modified version of Marlin)

I don’t see a M2 command in the Marlin docs. Should it be removed?

M2 is GCode for “End of job” - it’s quite standard, so I’m surprised they don’t support it. I can remove it from Marlin & Snapmaker systems.

It doesn’t seem to be doing any harm. But if someone can confirm Marlin/Snapmaker doesn’t use it it would probably be tidier.
I did have an odd case where a job seemed to start again on its own as I was about to remove the workpiece. But it is possible I bumped the mouse and hit start again. It only happened once.